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Thursday, December 25, 2008 ; 6:38 PMY
i am lost in you


ok... i'm just being super random... tis the season for lots and lots of food!!!!! tarts!! cake! turkey! ham! woohooo!!!! speaking of which, actually feeling pretty hungry now... hopefully we'll leave the house soon for some scrumptious food :) shall go search the kitchen for whatever i can find now...

Thursday, December 11, 2008 ; 9:47 AMY
i am lost in you

it's been a hell of a long time since i've updated anything here. it's probably cause i'm getting really lazy to update this. lol. so here's me moving my lazy bones to update the blog cause its getting a little sad.

attended john's POP yesterday. so yup. woke up at like 6.30am since his parents were gonna pick me up at 7.30. yes, i take more than 1 hour to prepare normally.. but i'm sure as hell not waking up earlier than that. so rushed through everything and left the house. well, its the first time i've been to tekong and i thought it was pretty ok. decent. but well, like they say, the outside always looks pretty, it's the inside that stinks. according to john and his dad, that is. reached tekong early( 1.5 hrs early to be exact). so we waited... listened to some guy give his speech. i tell you there's something about ppl who talk too much and me. i just automatically fall asleep. haha. i've no idea why. the POP went pretty smoothly. the weather was nice too with the occasional breeze. i really pity the afternoon session POP, i heard it gets really humid. so yup :)

went back to his place after everything and took a little nap cause we were both exhausted.. especially him since he didn't sleep at all. poor cuddles :( hope he slept well last night. after that, we left for orchard. only managed to walk around abit cause his feet were really killing him. i don't blame him though.its tough not sleeping and marching that much. hmmmm... oh well. its all over now, so he can get a good rest :)

ohoh!!!! i bought my very own leather jacket from top shop!!!!!woohoo!!!! lol..sorry, i've been having this leather fetish and i've though about it for a very long time. so i finally bought it!!!! super duper happy now :) hmmmmmm... we had dinner at speghetties(not sure if this is how it's spelt) in paragon with sze, min, joyce and penny :) it was really nice seeing joyce again. lol.. it's been awhile!!!

went home after that so cuddles could get his very much deserved rest!!!! hugs:)
oh yea, did i mention that i finally got my ipod touch???? yayness!!!!!!! :) but i'm still learning how to handle it. so yea. many things to do today, so i probably won't get much time to play around with it. oh well :( soon soon... i'm really in desperate need of time to shop for christmas presents too :( oh man....

Sunday, November 02, 2008 ; 7:22 PMY
i am lost in you

THE BIG WALK IS HERE!!!!!! ok.. correction. it was here. now it's all over and done with. i swear i'm tired. think the scorching heat this morning was a major cause of it too. :( woke up at 5 freaking a.m. in the morning just to drag myself down to suntec city. was supposed to interview some people along the way but they were too damn shy.. so it was a total waste of time.here i am trying to give them their 2 seconds of fame and they were camera shy... fantastic.i only asked them to shout one word... as a GROUP!! i figured they would've felt more at ease that way.. well, apparently not. had to explain to them why they were being interviewed, and after painstakingly explaining things to them, they still shunned the camera. like wtf. give me a break man. i woke up at freaking 5am, rejections and long conversations totally weren't on my to-do list. so i ended up rushing down to suntec and then took the shuttle bus with the other finalists down to the marina barrage where we waited for the first runner to appear... boy oh boy. hahahaha!!! it was freakin funny. but i shan't elaborate on that. it's mean :p had to stand around smiling at people who walked past. then went up to the vip room to catch a break...aircon!!!! i've never been so grateful for some air-conditioning. whoever invented it is a complete saint!!! haha. anyways, we did alot of things. fooled around, went up on stage for some interviews. stupid radio djs fed us to the crowd and starting talking among themselves after awhile. we were freaking sacrifices. my mouth hurts again from too much smiling. thank god one of the people in charge got us down from there.

oh well, nothing much happened after that. just alot of bumming around. finally left the place at about 11-ish? went back to suntec and left for ballet :) the rest of the day was like... eh.. the same as every other sunday except that cuddles came by :) happy me!!!! lol.. till next week then.. i shall try ignoring the fact that i've loads of assignments due... just for tonight that is :)

Friday, October 31, 2008 ; 8:23 PMY
i am lost in you

safy needs to stop skipping classes. just realised that i don't know alot of the content so far... so that's bad. i'm in deep trouble if this keeps up.
it's like i'm slacking off for what is supposed to be the most important year in university... brilliant me. i seriously need more determination to stay for classes. yes,even those suicidal boring lectures( ahem! FI) .
so here's a goal for myself :) i'm not gonna skip classes for this year anymore!!! lol.. yea, let's see how long i can pull that off without going crazy. well, i'll attend half a class at least... it's still effort! whahaha..

anyways, the big walk is this sunday :) asiaone equipped me with a pretty video cam.. it's damn small !!!! haha... gonna do some video blog about the events that day.. i swear it's gonna be fun.. it's just the timing that sucks..gotta wake up early and be there by 7am!!! arh! that's like just to flag the people off.. then apparently there'll be some bus to bring all of us to the ending point where we'll wait for em :) well, i've NEVER EVER been to the big walk before, so i guess it'll be something new for me.

did i mention that i've got tons of assignments and tutorials due next week that's still undone? congratulations to me!!!! its gonna be one bloody hectic weekend. i knew i should have done all these like 3 weeks ago when we were told about it... smart safy, smart! oh well, time to get down to work :( i'm bloody sick too... i don't get it, i was perfectly fine this morning and yet i had a bad throat and fever when i woke up from my afternoon nap..totally wrong timing to have all these things....sigh...

Friday, October 10, 2008 ; 11:52 PMY
i am lost in you

first of all, thank you everyone for coming to support me. it really helped me, knowing that you guys wre supporting me all the way.. lol.. so yes, thank you so much for taking the time to come all the way down.. :) and thank you for the chocolates and roses... you guys know who you are :) hugs!!!!!!

aight.so moving on, it's been like one hell of a bloody tiring week... had plenty of rehearsals, fittings, yadah yadah yadah.. and now, it's all finally over. you've no idea how relieved i am. i'm so tired.. yearning for a good night's rest... finally!!!!! wooohooo!!!

anyway, the finals were... well, ok. i pretty much expected the results..so wasn't too suprised... the winner deserved it really :) nice girl :) it was a pretty good experience altogether. even with the early mornings and stupid stilettos, i still enjoyed the company and the experience.. so here's to my once in a life time experience cause i figure i'm not gonna try anything like this anytime soon.. it's too tiring for me and most probably it'll affect my studies... just look at how many darn classes i skipped for this competition. haha.. oh well, no point complaining now :)

i'm off for my beauty sleep now :) my very VERY much deserved beauty sleep :) weeeeeeee......!!!!!

note: wake me up by any means and you'll regret the day you were born. whahahahahh :p

Thursday, September 25, 2008 ; 10:15 PMY
i am lost in you

went swimming with min, sze and kelda today, at kelda's place of course :P was pretty fun actually. min bought some lunch in for us. SUBWAY!!!!! woohoo!!! played pool, fooled around... yadah yadah yadah :) had to rush off for dance after that.. travelled all the way there just for a talk and 2 dry runs... oh well.. last performance is this saturday after all. had nice bitching sessions.. been wanting that for some time now, needed to get many of things off my chest..well, i'm hapy now!!!! whahahaha.. see how happy a little bitching can make you? aight... on a different note, i have 2 freaking consecutive 3 hr lectures tomorrow...that's like 6 hrs of lecture!!!6 hours of sitting in that chair staring at the clock..i swear, time passes so slowly at times like that. wonder what'll happen to me man... oh well... after that i'll have to head down to sph for the new face contest rehearsals.. it's gonna be a freaking long day...

GOOD NEWS!!!!! john's coming out tomorrow!!!!! haha.. so that'll give me motivation to tahan all those gruelling lectures and rehearsals.... lol.. :) till tomorrow then!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008 ; 7:50 PMY
i am lost in you

well, he left for NS today... seems he won't able to come out until the 26th of september sadly. but i guess it can't be helped. i sure am gonna miss the great company and of course my lack of hugs for 2 whole weeks!!!!!!!.. but i'll manage i guess:) been really busy with the dance rehearsals and performances. i'm completely exhausted. as in, totally no energy left in my body. my muscles won't let me move anymore. i still do feel like dancing though, but just to other songs.. i'm sick of the routine already.. i wanna go for my open classes again soon... missing that alot. i need more exposure... yes yes..

anyway, school's starting next week and the people from london sent me some wrong study materials.. now i have to wait for the new batch to arrive again. busy busy busy...

anyway, here are some photos that might interest some of you out there. :p


off it goes!!! :)

AND...just for fun... WALAHH!!!!

this lady

5th April '88.
blur queen.
sucker for chocolates :p .

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her wishes

loose weight...at least 3kg.
money!!! basically, a job.
pick up a new sport.
a new digicam.
more accessories...glittery ones.
preeety nails... can never keep them for long :( .
b>funky new hair colour!!!.

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her current fascinations

mr. ting's fish lips
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